Tips on Setting Goals

Use these tips on setting goals if you have dreams and hopes, but fear getting started. Perhaps you fear that your life will be different if you succeed. Tips on setting goals will help you. Goal setting is one of the key tools on how to improve self esteem.

Use these tops tips on setting goals for all your short and long term goal setting. Goal setting is the best way to achieve the things you want in life. Sometimes you might not set goals because you don’t know how or the effort seems to great. These tips are for you.

Setting Goals is the Top Way to Be in Charge of Your Life 

1. Make a promise to yourself. Then keep it. 
2. Set a  goal. Work to achieve it. 

Self commitments give inner integrity. With integrity you'll have the awareness of self-control, courage and strength to accept responsibility for your life.

"By making and keeping promises to ourselves and others, little by little, our honor becomes greater than our moods.” Stephen R. Covey 

Why is it so hard to change?

We like the way things are. There are a thousand reasons for putting off goal setting. But if you have a dream to travel, to find an exciting new career, to become an artist, a photographer, a public speaker, it’s absolutely possible. Tips on setting goals is your path to success. 


The Top Tips

1. On your computer or paper create a three column goal setting worksheet. Title the worksheet "Action Plan" to remind yourself that actions are key to achieving goals.

In a few words, write the thing you want to achieve next to "Goal". For example, ‘Travel in Europe for four weeks.’ OR ‘Become an interior decorator.’

2. At the top of the first column, write: Actions I must take (to Achieve my Goal). At the top of the second column, write: Resources I Need (money, people, time) At the top of the third column, write: Target Date for Completion.

3. Under the first column, identify three actions you must do within the next month to get the ball rolling. One of these things might be to do some research. I'm saying 'within the next month' because you will need short term goals to get started. You could even create a two week target date instead of one month to speed up your progress.

3. Fill in columns 2 and 3 with resources and target date for completion. For resources, you’ll need money and probably people to support you.

4. The next step for your tips on setting goals is to figure out how to get started. This how part is often the trickiest and it depends on your motivation.

If you really, really want that trip to Europe or that new career, then you’ll need to get very serious about committing to the activities and time lines. Sometimes it helps to ask a friend or family member to hold you accountable by checking in on your achievements regularly.

5. If you are having trouble getting started, break down the activities. If an activity is too general, it can be overwhelming and too vague. Write specific, doable, achievable activities. After all, you want to succeed, right?

If your goal is very general, for example if your goal is "I want to change my career," you will need to break the goal down into training, money needed and the people you can ask for support.

If your goal is success in life, get to know yourself better. Once you know who you are and the values upon which you make your life decisions, then you are ready to create a few goal setting charts around life success. Your chart might be a five, ten, fifteen year plan and will take some long range thinking and planning.  

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The Secrets for Success

1. Make your goals clear, precise and small.

2. Don't get discouraged! If you are really stuck and not moving forward, then either what you think is a goal, isn't or your goal is overwhelming. Make the goal even smaller or add some kind of fun twist to spur yourself on.

3. Return often to these tips on setting goals for all your long term and short term planning. They really work. A well set goal is always achievable. A dream is wishful thinking.

4. Use a Wish List. 

How to Create a Wish List

Make a List of "Ten Things I Want to Be, Do and Have"

1. On a sheet of paper, create three columns.

2. At the top of one column write "Ten Things I Want to Be." At the top of the second column, write "Ten Things I Want to Do." At the top of the third column write, "Ten Things I Want to Have."

3. Fill in the columns. Give your list a title and date.

4. Put the list where you can see it every day. It’s important to look at the list every day because your minute by minute decisions will send you in the direction of your wishes.

P.S. I’ve tried this three times over the last 20 years and each time 80% of what I wanted to happen has come to be. Wish lists work because every second of every day you are making decisions. You will usually remember the big ones such as deciding to get married, to accept or leave a job, to return to school and so forth.  

We’re not aware of the small decisions we make, the ones leading to the big, important ones. Looking at your wish list once a day is all it takes. With constant reminders, your wishes will stick.  

Without realizing it, you'll make your choices and decisions on your wishes. This will lead you in the direction of the things you want. Do this easy exercise and achieve what you want with hardly any effort. You will find building your self esteem easy with this tool.

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