Test Your Emotional Intelligence

You can test your emotional intelligence (EI) to predict positive outcomes at home, in school, and at work.

People who have high emotional skills are healthier, less depressed and more productive at work. They are higher earners and have better relationships.

Build your workplace relations, job satisfaction, and job performance with EI.

Choose from two main tests to test your emotional intelligence.

1. The EQ-i Test (Emotional Quotient Inventory)

The EQ-I Test has five main areas
1. Intrapersonal
2. Interpersonal
3. Adaptability
4. Stress management
5. General mood

2. The MSCEIT Test (Mayer, Salovey and Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test).

Both tests are administered by qualified professionals such as educators and psychologists.

Taking one of these tests will give you an accurate measure of your emotional intelligence.

Self Test Your Emotional Intelligence with the EQ-i

(Emotional Quotient Inventory) Respond to the questions below.

Rate yourself with a 1 (low) to 10 (high) for each of the factors in the EQ-i test below. The results will help give you an idea of your EI.

1. Intrapersonal -- how well you know and manage yourself

Self awareness How well do you recognize how you’re feeling and how well do you manage yourself? What is the impact of your behavior on others?
Assertiveness How well can you express your thoughts and feelings, stand your ground and defend your position?
Independence To what degree are you self directed and self-controlled?
Self regard How well do you recognize your strengths and weaknesses? How good do you feel about yourself despite your weaknesses?
Self actualization To what degree have you achieved your potential and how comfortable do you feel with what you have achieved in your personal and professional lives?

2. Interpersonal -- your people skills and ability to get along with others
Empathy How well do you understand what others might be feeling and thinking?
Social responsibility To what degree do you help others in your community and in social groups?
interpersonal relationships Do you form relationships that have emotional closeness?

3. Adapability -- your ability to be flexible and realistic.

Reality testing How well do you see things as they actually are rather than the way you wish they were?
Flexibility How well can you adjust your feelings, thoughts and actions to changing situations?
Problem solving How well are you able to define a problem you are facing and find a solution?

4. Stress Management -- your ability to tolerate stress and control impulses. There are two scales in this test for your emotional intelligence.

a) Stress tolerance How well can you remain calm in stressful situations?
b) Impulse control How well can you resist the impulse to act?
5. General Mood -- your ability to be positive
OptimismHow well can you maintain a positive attitude even in the face of difficulties?
Happiness How satisfied with life are you? Do you have enthusiasm for a range of activities?

Self Test Your Emotional Intelligence with the MSCEIT

Four specific areas

1. Perceiving emotions How well can you read other people’s emotions? How well can you express your emotions?
2.Facilitating thought How well can you help yourself to feel better in order to get focused and solve problems? To what degree can you alter your mood to achieve a task?
3.Understanding Emotions How well can you use your emotions to help predict your future? How well do you know your emotions and where they come from?
4.Managing Emotions How well can you manage your emotions in order to get along with others and make better judgments?

Use these questions to jump start how you can test your emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is profoundly important for your personal and career success. Like many other areas in life, you can learn emotional intelligence.

Test your emotional intelligence is important for knowing how well you solve problems and engage with people socially

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