Self Esteem Activities

Use self esteem activities to enhance your personal growth. They are mind and body building tools that will give you powerful results. 

Exercises are designed for your continual, day to day use. Activities are actions you can choose to use from time to time when needed. 

Eight Top Self Esteem Activities

1. Work and Life Balance

Find out how to use a life balance wheel to find an equilibrium in all aspects of your life. 

2. Values of Life. Discover your beliefs and learn more about yourself by using this values list. 

3. Artist Date. Find out how to enrich your life and boost your self esteem with an artist date. 

4. Journal Writing. Learn how keeping a journal can tap the hidden resources within and boost your self esteem. 

5. Vision Boards. Learn how vision boards can help make the future you want come true. 

6. Post affirmations where you can see them several times a day. Include five things you are good at. Over time you will see your successes more than your perceived failures. This works and doesn’t take much time. Try it. 

7. Keep a small inspirational or self help book nearby. If you are stuck in traffic or a waiting room, refer to it to use your time positively. Listen to tapes while driving. 

8. Sing — when you are alone even it makes you feel goofy at first. Singing is a good way to release endorphins and get your blood flowing. 

Use these actions now to boost your self esteem. I have built these into my life and I know you'll find the results as amazing as I have! 

Self Esteem Exercises

For powerful self esteem building results, have a look at:

Use these self esteem exercises regularly and you'll be on your way!

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