Reflective Journal Writing

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Reflective journal writing is an intelligent exercise with profound results. When you begin to write, you open the door to a part of your life where there are no expectations. 

Write anything you want, anything you crave to explore. This type of writing is a meditative experience. 

“Life ought to be a struggle of desire toward adventures whose nobility will fertilize the soul." Rebecca West 

10 Top Benefits of Reflective Journal Writing. It Will --

  1. Help heal emotional wounds.
  2. Provide a place for dreams and ideas to grow. 
  3. Give clarity to your thinking.
  4. Provide insights into your actions, reactions and perspectives.
  5. Create a place that is safe and free from criticism.
  6. Deepen your self knowledge.
  7. Improve your critical thinking skills.
  8. Increase your creative thinking skills. 
  9. Help with goal setting.
  10. Build self esteem by clarifying your values

Eight Tips for Journal Writing

1. What kind of journal would you like -- a plain lined notebook or a leather- bound? Would you like to design a cover for your journal? Would use your laptop or iPad?

2. Find the Best Place to Write. Choose places where you are at ease and comfortable. Try writing to music. Try silence. Try a coffee shop. Eventually, you’ll discover where your writing flows. 

3. Write 15-20 minutes a day. When you are comfortable, try three sessions a week. Be patient with yourself. It takes time to develop the habit of writing. Find lots of ideas with journal writing prompts

4. There are a gazillion ways to begin. Simply write. Avoid self criticism. It will get your stuck. The writing is for your eyes only.

Remember that you are processing and moving forward, that progression and change is sometimes messy and often not easy. Keep persisting. That is key.

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5. It will take a few minutes to find a fluid stream of writing. 

6. Among many other benefits, the purpose of your reflective journal is to deepen your self knowledge, to learn how to face challenges, to develop goals, to find your life purpose and ultimately to boost your self esteem.

7. Reflection takes time. Your writing will give you profound ideas about yourself and the world around you. It will give you insight and vision. 

8. Your writing could be the source for a future book or blog. Your style will change. It will develop and grow as you do.

Reflect On Your Progress

Look back on what you’ve written. If you are writing thoughts as they come to you in a stream of consciousness, check for recurring themes. Notice repeated topics. In this way you will discover unrecognized internal conflicts and solve dilemmas. 

Reflective journal writing is an intelligent exercise with profound results. For more information on journal writing have a look at: 

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