Public Speaking

You can learn public speaking by choosing a topic and by following an outline. Find out why giving speeches is important. If you get stuck or paralyzed with fear as I did, there's help for that too. Learn how to write persuasive speeches and how to master public speaking.

Your motivation to practice and learn, is all you need for success. Talking in front of an audience is a learned skill like all other skills. With a little work, you will be able to deliver great speeches. Guaranteed.

Here you'll find lots of information on learning how to give excellent speeches.

When you are moving ahead to giving great speeches, you'll learn how to tell a good story. Actually, a story is nothing more than an incident that happened to you that's funny, frightening, inspiring or unusual. 

Begin by writing your stories and anecdotes. Start a journal of your ideas. Get ideas from writing prompts too. Stories can be as brief as 10 seconds or as long as 10 minutes. The way you write your speech depends on your purpose for telling the story, that is, whether you are entertaining, inspiring, persuading or educating your audience. 

Fear of speaking publicly disappears with each speech. I know because I've had that fear myself. With practice, you too will be able to engage, persuade and inspire your audiences. Guaranteed!

If you feel awkward during even the most simple conversations and if the thought of addressing audiences frightens you to death, you are not alone. Did you know that speaking in front of an audience is the number one North American fear?

My Story

Even though I taught high school English for a number of years and was used to talking with groups of students, I froze when I had to talk to a group of adults. It was horrible.

I knew how to write. But I wasn't sure how to write a good speech.  One time, when I was asked to give a speech to a medium sized audience, I crumbled inside and knew I needed help, so like hundreds of thousands of people around the world, I joined Toastmasters, the best organization in the world to learn how to deliver speeches with impact.

Toastmasters is inexpensive and the speech delivery program is fantastic. It will give you a bang for your buck! All you need to do is to set some goals for yourself and you'll never look back.  

The Importance of Public Speaking

With your new ability to speak effectively you will —

  • improve your self esteem and confidence.
  • boost your communication skills.
  • improve your career opportunities.
  • advance more quickly in your chosen field.
  • become a better conversationalist.
  • inspire others.
  • persuade people to your viewpoint.
  • improve your listening skills listening skills.
  • become a more effective writer.
  • earn more money.

Use these top public speaking tips, outlines and tools to overcome your fear of speaking. Get comfortable in front of an audience now. Attending conferences and workshops won't give you the speaking skills you need. Sitting in an audience listening to presenters tell you how to give a good speech won't do anything to boost your own skills. 

It's when you roll up your own sleeves, write and deliver one speech after another, that you'll be in the speaker's driver's seat. Join the nearest Toastmaster's Club and you'll be on your way. Guaranteed!         

"Grasp the subject, the words will follow." Cato the Elder

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