Physical Fitness Exercise

Physical fitness exercise strengthens and tones your muscles, helps maintain a healthy weight and improves your mental outlook on life.

When you work out, even during a brisk 10 minute walk, your brain releases chemicals called endorphins into the bloodstream. Endorphins raise your mood and spirits.

Other chemicals such as serotonin have a pain killing and mood enhancing affect. So even a simple brisk walk will elevate your mood. You will begin to feel proud of yourself and energized as you stick to your plan. 

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Create a vision board.
Use a journal to record your fitness exercises plan and progress.
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Top Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is any sustained exercise such as brisk walking, running, or dance that uses the body’s large muscle groups to increase the heart rate from 50 to 90 percent of its maximum.

Experts say that exercising for only 10 minutes a day is one of the most empowering tools possible for helping you feel fit, energetic, and productive.

Fifteen Top Benefits of Physical Fitness Exercise

1.    Increased feeling of well being.
2.    Improved muscle tone throughout the body.
3.    Strengthened respiratory and heart muscles.
4.    Reduced risk of diabetes.
5.    Control over body weight.
6.    Increased energy.
7.    Improved circulation.
8.    Reduction in blood pressure (if elevated).
9.    Improved endurance (ability to exercise for longer periods of time).
10.  Reduction in stress.
11.  Stimulation of bone growth and reduction in risk of osteoporosis       for both men and women.
12.  Increased lifespan.
13.  Improved general performance.
14.  Improved general health.
15.  Enjoyment of the outdoors.

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A Physical Fitness Exercise Plan for You

1. Walk briskly three times a week for a period of 20 minutes.

2. Begin to walk 8 000 to 10 000 steps per day. Purchase or borrow a pedometer (step counter) or download an app onto your smart phone or iphone to determine your routine number of steps per day. Commit to a fitness goal of eventually walking the recommended 8,000-10,000 steps per day.

6. Because all forms of exercise will elevate your mood, choose an activity that suits your personality and physical abilities. If you love being in nature, walk or bicycle along pathways in your neighborhood.

If you enjoy solitude, walk or jog early in the morning when you’re more likely to be by yourself. If you are more inspired by group exercise activities, find a group or a friend to share your exercise routine.

7. You'll have ups and downs with your fitness exercises routine. Most of us have challenges changing our daily habits. But you will feel benefits. You’ll also feel positive changes in your body and mood and an increased sense of pride for a job well done.

8.  Consider starting a motivational reward system for yourself. After all, your health is worth it. Vary your routine to provide interest and motivation.

9. After practicing your routine for two weeks, you’ll notice a difference in the way you feel. After two months, you will have developed an exercise routine habit and will not want to stop. Vary your routine to provide interest and motivation.

10. By setting personal fitness goals, you'll improve your self confidence level, enthusiasm, energy and motivation as your body is conditioned.

Begin your physical fitness exercise plan now.

More Information on Physical Fitness Exercise

For best results, experts suggest at 20 minutes of aerobic exercise for at least three times per week. Add an anaerobic exercise such as push ups, lifting weights, Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi for 15 minutes twice a week to your routine.

The combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises will profoundly boost your results. You'll have a stronger body and a healthier mind.

Also check out ideas for top nutrition to be in top form. Like a car, physical exercises benefit from good fuel in your body.

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What is an Anaerobic Exercise?
 Why Add it to Your Routine?

An anaerobic exercise is unlike an aerobic exercise because it involves muscular work that causes the body to use more oxygen than it takes in.

Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi are anaerobic exercises involving special breathing techniques and termed “mind body exercises.”

They are called "mind body exercises" because, in addition to increasing muscle tone and strength, they also give you a calmness and peace of mind.

These fitness exercises are meditative. The meditative effect deepens your understanding of who you are. Understanding who you are will raise your self esteem.

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