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If you ever said to someone, "Help me organize my life," here at top tips for you. With a little time and effort, some encouragement (from me) and a few top tips, you’ll be on your way.

 Organization, like all worthwhile things takes time, effort, patience and perseverance. The reality is that many of us are better at things other than putting things in order. Managing things at home and at work and being on time for social and business meetings is a great self esteem booster because it will give you a powerful feeling of freedom and control. 

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More ideas for deepening your self knowledge

Start a journal to keep track of your process. Also use a journal for personal growth. Find journal topics at writing prompts. Check out Self Esteem Activities. Boost your emotional intelligence. Create a vision board. Take up public speaking. This will be a positive compliment to your fitness exercise plan. Join a Toastmasters club near you. Toastmasters is not expensive and has a terrific public speaking program. Set personal goals for your self esteem health. Inspire yourself with quotations

It's because it all seems so overwhelming or boring or because we’ve never known how to be organized. Sometimes if we’re not used to disciplining ourselves, organization can be a horrible challenge. Take heart. Being organized is absolutely possible.

Why is “Organize My Life” So Hard?

It's because it all seems so overwhelming or boring or because we’ve never known how to be organized. Sometimes if we’re not used to disciplining ourselves, organization can be a horrible challenge. Take heart. Getting your life in order is absolutely possible.

Fifteen Top "Organize My Life" Tips

1. Start small . Don’t knock yourself out and try to do everything at once. You’ll just exhaust and frustrate yourself. Remember, you are building a new skill here. Be patient with yourself.

2. Tidy a closet. Begin by getting rid of the things you don’t need. If, when you open the door, you're faced with stuff you haven’t worn for years, you’ll need to do some pruning.

Besides not being able to find clothes you actually want to wear in the morning, a packed to the ceiling closet pushes you back into the past rather than propelling you forward.

You want your clothes to define who you are, not be a shrine to who you were. Important "organize my life" tip — if you hoard things, you might need some professional help to figure out why and get yourself on track.

Scour your closet, dresser, and even under the bed for things that don’t fit, flatter, or reflect your style. Bag them up and give to friends, family members or your favorite local charity.

Be honest and ruthless when you look at all your stuff. Give away all the things you haven’t you used for two years or more. Experts say we wear only 20% of what we own. You’ll feel so much freer because clutter is an energy drainer.

Now begin the tidying process. Separate your clothes into categories – pants, tops/shirts, skirts. Make or buy a shoe rack and more hangers if necessary. Tidy your dresser drawers in the same way. Then discipline yourself to put your things away at the end of the day. 

3. If you have a home desk, sort your papers into piles. Keep all necessary receipts and work in progress and recycle the rest. Purchase a desk organizer with dividers. Sort papers and mail into current – for things you are still working on -- and completed. Put completed items into a labeled folder for future reference. Stop holding onto stuff you don’t need. It’s just baggage that will weigh you down every time you sit at your desk.

4. Go through the rest of your house or apartment in this way, giving away the things you don’t need and tidying the rest.

5. If you aren’t already using a planner or schedule, paper or electronic, start one now. Enter your social and business meetings. Look at your schedule every night before going to bed. You'll feel prepared and ready for the next day. Having things in order will save you oodles of time for more of the things you love to do.

6. Be on time for social and business meetings. This shows that you respect yourself and the people you are meeting.

More Organize My Life Tips

7. Plan your next week’s meals on Saturday or Sunday. Purchase all your food at once so you won’t waste time on extra trips to the store.

8. Start "To Do" lists. You feel so positive and energized by crossing off the things you accomplish. Keep a note book and a pen by your night table. If stuff is going around in your head and you can’t get to sleep. Right it down, count a few sheep and you’ll be off.

9. Prepare your clothes the night before. Have in mind the clothes you’ll wear for the rest of week too, so mornings will be more relaxed.

10. If you have children, help them learn how to contribute to your household tasks. I know from experience that it’s easier said than done. But if you start when they are three with small chores such as showing them how to make their beds and later on loading the dishwasher, they’ll learn responsibility early. This will be better for them and you'll have more time for yourself.

11. Get 7-8 hours sleep. It’s hard to be organized when you’re tired.

12. Get fit. It’s hard to “organize my life” if you don’t eat good food or exercise — a hard truth. For a healthy body, check out Fitness Exercises. Have a look, too, at Optimum Health Nutrition and Emotional Intelligence.

13. Check out your local library or favorite bookstore for more ideas.

14. Get some help from friends and family. Support is crucial for any new skill development.

15. If you are a procrastinator, set no more than three doable goals. Get your friends to help you with these. This is an important “Organize My Life” tip.

A little will power and small steps at a time is all it takes to "organize my life." You can do it!

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