Optimum Health Nutrition

Optimum health nutrition will build your self esteem by giving you more energy and motivation to succeed in life. Good nutrition along with physical fitness leads to a healthy mind in a healthy body.

For mental fitness also have a look at Emotional Intelligence and Top Mind Exercises. Begin now to build a healthy body now with these top nutrition ideas. Record your progress in a journal. Date your entries and describe your progress. With top nutrition and some exercise you will lose weight.

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Ten Top Nutrition Tips

1. Eat breakfast. Why?

Eating a good breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. Breakfast means breaking the fast. If you skip breakfast after a night of sleep, by mid morning your body will be low on fuel. You’ll want a quick jolt of energy such as a cup of coffee and a sugary snack. This kind of snack can lead to grouchiness and unhealthy food choices during the rest of the day.

Breakfast helps keep your weight down. Eating breakfast is a key behavior among people who sustain weight loss.

Breakfast increases alertness. Studies show that children and adults who eat breakfast are more alert, do better on tests, have an improved memory and have better workplace performance. That is why schools have breakfast programs and nutrition experts advise everyone to eat breakfast – a whole grain cereal with milk and berries is best.

2. Eat three healthy meals a day. Regular eating patterns helps maintain a healthy weight.

3. Eat 7-10 1 ½ cup servings of fresh fruit and vegetables/day. Eat from the rainbow – natural food of many colours such as blueberries, red ball pepper, yellow squash and pomegranate. These will boost your antioxidants levels and keep you young.

4. Eat brown rice and brown bread instead of white.

5. Snack wisely. Avoid sugary snacks that have been robbed of their nutritional value. Avoid snacks with trans fat. Instead when you are hungry, snack on walnuts and almonds, fresh fruit and veggies. You’ll feel full in no time. Drink a glass of water with your snacks.

6. Keep food portions small. Monitor the amount of food you put on your plate. On a regular dinner plate, make sure you food doesn’t extend out to more than two inches from the edge of the plate and is not piled higher than one inch.

7. Avoid eating processed food. Processed food contains fat, sodium and chemicals. Read the list of ingredients. If you can’t read or can’t recognize the name of some of the ingredients, don’t eat the food. This is an important optimum health nutrition tip.

8. Avoid fried foods. Instead, eat lightly steamed vegetables and broiled or baked meats.

9. Minimize eating meat from 4 legged animals. Eat poultry and fish instead.

10. Drink a litre of water a day. Our brains are made up of 80% water and need water for health. Reduce intake of coffee and alcohol because they are dehydrating fluids. Suggestions for coffee is two cups/day.

Use these optimum health nutrition tips to build a healthy body, mind and positive self esteem.

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