Make Your Own Vision Board

Be Creative. Make your own vision board and pave your future!

"I realize that what has stopped me from fulfilling my biggest dreams is that I have mastered the 'art of doing' but not the "art of being."  Shana Dressler 

Choose images that match your special vision. For help, check out Setting a Goal, Tips on Setting Goals, and Values of Life.


1. For best results to make your own vision board, use a poster size, 18"x24" or a more compact 8"x10" that will fit into a standard photo frame. A sturdy board is more durable than a sheet of paper and easier for sticking images with tape or glue. 

You can also use a cork board with stick pins, add and remove images or change the illustrations locations. You are creating your future life and also a work of art.

2. Find images from magazines, newspapers and advertising. These images and words will form the content of your board. To find materials to make your own vision board, also check your local library, doctors and dentists' offices for outdated magazines. Cut words from newspapers and write your own script.

For help with finding images that relate to your life, check out 

Setting a Goal, Tips on Setting Goals, and Values of Life. 

3. Other Supply Ideas

Take your own photos, go through your photo albums or print photos saved on your computer. Use travel guides, clip art, online images or draw and paint your own images.

Design Your Own Vision Board

Place your images so that they will excite and inspire you. Your board's content will help you see your life more clearly. 

How to Cluster your Vision Board's Images and Words

1. Place all your illustrations, photos, other images, quotations and words on a table.

2. With your
 goal in mind, organize the board's material in goal clusters. For example, if your goals are a new career, more travel and raising a family, group these images together.

3. D
ecide which of these goals is the most important. Place the images for this goal in a prominent position. Continue to place images in this way.

4. If your board looks cluttered, weed out images with less impact. If your board looks too empty, scout around for more material. Your board is a work in progress.

5. When you are sure that the design feels right, that it resonates and excites you, glue or tape the images in place.

 Put your work of art where you can see it every day. Make your vision board your life reality.

Making your own vision board will help you understand yourself better. Higher self knowledge leads to higher self esteem. Building a vision board is fun.

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