Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Personal Coaching is a dynamic relationship between coach and client. The coach supports the personal and professional development of the client, helping to identify challenges and to develop strategies and actions for change and growth.

The client moves forward through mutually agreed upon actions. Through coaching a client gains life balance, self knowledge, fulfillment and self esteem.

In the first one hour session, the coach discovers the life aspects the client wants to change. At the end of the first session with the help of the coach, the client decides on specific actions to take before the next session.

The coach holds the client accountable for these actions. In subsequent 40 minute sessions the expectation is to understand personal aspirations and to gain success through goal setting and accomplishment.

How Coaching Will Help You

Coaching eliminates or reduces --

  • stress reduction.
  • relationship challenges.
  • financial issues.
  • self esteem and self confidence building.
  • career development and changes.
  • life balance.
  • emotional intelligence.

Your Coaching Choices:  There are two methods: by Skype or telephone and by email. Email coaching is less expensive.

When you can book sessions:  Beginning March, 2015 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:00 am EST to 8:00 pm EST

About My Background:   I am qualified through the Coaches Training Institute in California. I have 10 years of coaching experience, 10 years of experience as a Registered Nurse and 20 years as an secondary school educator in English, Journalism and Information Literacy. For more information, check out About Lynda.


1.  For a year Lynda has been helping me discover a new life path. She has encouraged me to combine my capabilities with my hopes and dreams, supporting me when the going was rough.

With Lynda’s help I have seen alternate perspectives and solutions for tricky challenges. She has accompanied me on this journey with integrity and professionalism. Lynda is a confident and experienced professional who coaches with humor and optimism.  Carla Ter Haagha, M.B.A., Landscape Designer

2.   With humor, respect, empathy and finely-tuned perception, Lynda asks provocative questions to help her coaching clients step into the futures they have envisioned for themselves. 

She uniquely combines her rich professional background with the wisdom honed by personal experience and adventure to inspire, motivate and support others. If her wonderful website represents “talking the talk” then Lynda herself is the personification of “walking the walk.”  Leslie Godfrey, freelance editor and miniaturist (Minute Details)

Fees -- payment by PayPal 

Skype and telephone:   One hour US $50. The first one hour session is $40. Weekly sessions result in the fastest growth and give time for change to occur. Eighty percent of development and growth occurs between sessions. 

Email:  Two emails per week. $25 per week. You'll describe your challenges in writing, and I'll send a response within one day with questions, suggestions and requests for action. You can write up to one page per email – about 250 words.

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