Journal Writing

Journal writing or thinking on paper is the best free gift you can give yourself. 

Check out the links below to get started. The motivation to begin comes from your desire to develop a deeper relationship with yourself and others. 

“Trust in yourself. Your perceptions are often far more accurate than you are willing to believe.” Claudia Black

Help with Journaling

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The Importance of Journal Writing

Personal writing is an important self esteem activity. It will deepen your self knowledge and help you understand your values. By putting your ideas on paper you can consciously avoid the negative thinking that prevents you from achieving life success.

The practice of writing is the gateway to a clearer mind, more focused decision making and greater self esteem and confidence. It is an intelligent exercise with profound results. 

If you travel a lot, think about packing a small notebook or use your laptop. 

Before you begin, decide where you'll write and under what circumstances. Find a book that you’ll fill from day to day wherever you are. When it’s full, buy another. Then you'll have a chronology of your development.

You’ll be able to rediscover the person you were and see how much you’ve grown over the years. 

A Word of Advice

Avoid your inner censor. It is strong and vocal. Don’t listen to it. “Trust in yourself. Your perceptions are often far more accurate than you are willing to believe.” 

Give yourself permission to write what you feel. This is your life. These are your thoughts for you alone, unless you decide later to write a book. When and if that happens, you can decide the information to choose.

How Much Time?

Find the time to spend 10 minutes every day recording your thoughts and observations of life around you. If you want more directions, find a copy of Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way .

This wonderful book “guides you through a variety of highly effective exercises and activities that spur imagination and capture new ideas.” (From the back cover of The Artist’s Way .) 

I completed the whole twelve weeks of “morning pages” as Julia calls her writing program. I can’t recommend this program highly enough as a way of getting started on your new path. 

“Keeping a journal of your thoughts, experiences, insights, and learning promotes mental clarity, exactness, and context. Writing good letters – communicating on the deeper level of thoughts, feelings and ideas rather than on the shallow, superficial level of events – also will affect your ability to think clearly, to reason accurately, and to be understood effectively.” Stephen R. Covey 

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