Importance of Public Speaking

The importance of public speaking is underestimated. With speaking you will gain confidence and self esteem — more than you could have ever imagined.

"You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of the heart."
John Ford 


Also have a look at top information on speaking, discover great topics for your speech, learn how to prepare speech outlines, learn how to speak persuasively and how to master public speaking most important of all, get rid of your fear.

My Story on the Importance of Public Speaking

 When I started talking in front of an audience my stomach was in knots long before the speech. During the talk, I felt red creeping up from me chest to my neck and face. It was horrible.

After the speech was over, I'd go over every word in my mind, beating myself up for all the stutters, paragraphs forgotten, gestures out of place and inability to look directly into the eyes of my audience.

After my fifth Toastmaster speech, I started to relax and so did my audience. Like everything all self development, moving forward is a process of making mistakes, learning from them, then moving to the next stage.

As you give more and more speeches, you'll find that all aspects of your life as a communicator changes for the better. Public speaking is the single most effective way I know to boost your self-esteem.

This is because every time you give a speech, you are taking a risk. And every time you take a risk, you boost your confidence, even if you don't feel success immediately.

Being an effective public speaker will help put you on the fast track to success in your career. If you want to start your own business, your powerful communication skills gained from public speaking will insure your success.

You'll be blown away by the importance of public speaking skills when you've achieved them. And you will achieve them because you are interested enough to be reading this!

If you already own your own business and have started on the road to public speaking, your new found skills will help you a lot.

Local, regional and national conferences are always looking for entrepreneurs to educate and entertain an audience. The more people you speak to, the more people will be aware of you and your services or product. 

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 Public Speaking Will Help You—

  1. improve self-esteem and confidence.
  2. develop leadership skills.
  3. boost your communication skills.
  4. improve your career opportunities.
  5. advance more quickly in your chosen field.
  6. become a better conversationalist.
  7. inspire others.
  8. organize your thoughts.
  9. network.
  10. improve your research skills.
  11. persuade people to your viewpoint.
  12. improve your listening skills.
  13. develop more powerful creative thinking skills.
  14. become a more effective writer.
  15. earn money as a public speaker.
  16. learn to be a more sensitive communicator.
  17. gain self knowledge.
  18. improve your emotional intelligence.
  19. boost your ability to focus and evaluate.
  20. help you to become a better interviewer and interviewee.
  21. give effective presentations to upper management.
  22. deliver workplace presentations and workshops
  23. improve mentoring skills.
  24. increase your visibility.
  25. open doors to new opportunities.



If you fear public speaking, you are not alone. Public speaking is the number one fear in North America. We all fear making fools of ourselves. The top importance of public speaking is getting rid of that fear. Because when you toss out that demon, a whole lot of others fly out the window with it.

Find ways to give speeches now. Volunteer yourself at every opportunity and you'll never look back. Locate a Toastmasters club in your area. They exist all over the world.

For adding quotations to your speeches, have a look at Self Esteem Quotations. If you have public speaking fear see Quotes About Fear and How to Get Rid of Self Doubt.

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