Emotional Intelligence in Business

Excellent emotional intelligence in business results from a lot of thought, planning, monitoring and adjustment.

Today's workplace is a place of change and an emotionally intelligent organization knows how to manage change.  

For a definition of emotional intelligence and to check your level of EI, have a look at emotional intelligence.

See emotional intelligence and leadership to boost your empathy and optimism and to encourage cooperation in others.

Have a look at improve your emotional intelligence for the top ways to build and manage your feelings and the feelings of others.

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Emotional intelligence (EI) in business begins with the EI of managers and employees. Winning organizations attract people with good IQs and high EIs too because without the emotional component a business has a lot of smart people who can’t talk to and get along with each other well.

if you are searching for the key ingredients for your EI in business or for the factors that will make an emotionally intelligent workplace, you’ll find top suggestions for both here.

Is your Workplace Emotionally Intelligent?

To find out, agree or disagree with these twenty statements:

1. I enjoy the work I’m doing.
2. I clearly know how well I’m performing at work.
3. I feel good about my workplace.
4. My wages are fair for the work I do.
5. I have a generous benefit plan.
6. I rarely feel that I put in too many hours at work.
7. I’m usually not stressed out at work.
8. I like the people I work with.
9. I feel as though I’m part of a well functioning team .
10. I have a good relationship with my boss.
11. I feel that my boss supports my work.
12. My workplace encourages diversity.
13. My workplace is calm .
14. I trust the leaders of my organization.
15. People in my workplace support each other.
16. Change is part of my workplace culture.
17. My coworkers care about me.
18. My company is seen as a leader in its industry.
19. My workplace is like a healthy family.
20. I find my workplace exciting.

For the statements your disagree with, in your journal describe ideas about how you can change your situation to make that statement true for you .

The more items in the list you agree with, the more EI in business your workplace has.

Your Own Emotional Intelligence in Business

It’s no surprise that your workplace in our global world demands more of you than in the past. You probably have to work more, respond faster and continuously improve the quality of your work.
So EI in business is even more important than it used to be. Because of these factors, you may feel that you have less time for yourself, your family and your friends . You may feel that managing your work-life balance is a challenge.

The best way to juggle your work and personal demands is to first know your values . By starting your life balance management with your values, you’ll know where to place your priorities.

For example if family ranks high on your values list, you can organize your life around your family. If money ranks high, then earning enough for your personal satisfaction will be high.

Once you know your top ten values, complete a life balance wheel so you can create excellent work-life balance. Develop goals to achieve success.

How to Improve your Emotional Intelligence in Business

Seven Top Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Can I work more efficiently?
2. Can I make my work more exciting, challenging and interesting?
3. Would training help improve my time management at work?
4. Do I need more resources to work more effectively?
5. Could I be spending my time more productively?
6. Could my supervisor be a better coach?
7. Could I and my coworkers be working together better?

With effective emotional intelligence in business you will lead a happier more productive and stress free life. You will feel that you are managing your work life rather than it managing you. With effective emotional intelligence in business, your confidence and self esteem will build and develop.

Learn More about yourself with a vision board.
Use a journal to boost your emotional intelligence in business.
For help with journal topics go to writing prompts

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