Definition of Decision Making

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Designing buildings takes decision making skills.

A definition of decision making helps in understanding the steps needed to reach the conclusion for an issue or problem. Decision making is the mental process of selecting a specific action from other actions. 

Every decision making process ends up with an outcome. This outcome might result in an action, a potential action or an opinion. Staying neutral and not doing anything is also the result of a decision. 

Some experts say that generally most decisions are made unconsciously — that we simply decide without thinking much about the decision process.

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We need cognitive and critical thinking skills for effective decision making. To make careful decisions with the best results we need to

  1. Identify the possible options.
  2. Consider the options.
  3. Identify the possible consequences that follow from each option.
  4. Evaluate the worth of each of the consequences.
  5. Assess the likelihood of each consequence.
  6. Make or identify a choice.
  7. Design a plan to carry out the decision.

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Another Sequence for Effective Decision Making

  1. Establish objectives.
  2. Classify objectives.
  3. Place objectives in order of importance.
  4. Decide on one or more actions.
  5. Develop alternative actions.
  6. Evaluate the alternative actions against all the objectives.
  7. Recognize the alternative action as the potential one able to achieve all the objectives.
  8. Finally evaluate the potential decision for more possible consequences.

More Definition of Decision Making

  • Decision-making is the thinking process that results in the selection of a belief or a course of action from several other possibilities. 
  • Every decision-making process ends up with a final choice that may or may not result in an action. 
  • Decision-making is the study of identifying and choosing alternatives based on your values and ideals.
  • Decision making a thinking or emotional process that may be based on reason or be an emotional reaction to a situation. 

Knowing the definition of decision making helps with the process.

The Difference Between Analyzing a Problem and Making a Decision

To analyze a problem you first need to define or figure out the issue and its boundaries, then establish criteria from which you select alternatives and then develop conclusions. Usually you will analyze the problem first and then make a decision.

Decisions focus on a problem or a challenge. You need to gather information and talk to people before making a decision. This gathering and talking is part of the analysis stage.

We can also understand a definition decision making as a problem-solving activity that ends with a good solution. It is a reasoning or emotional process that is sometimes rational or thoughtful but can also be irrational and based on assumptions that might or not be true or valid.

A definition of decision making will help you make solid decisions and raise your self confidence and self esteem.

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