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“How often things occur by mere chance which we dare not even hope for.” Publius Terence Afer

  • These creative journal writing ideas will begin a new road of discovery for you. Start with the suggestions that intrigue you the most. 
  • After you're in a writing groove, choose the suggestions that seem harder. 
  • You could also choose one idea per day. Work your way through the list, skipping the ones that don't interest you. 
  • As with any new activity, you'll quickly feel more comfortable and will surprise yourself with even more ideas that pop into your head like magic. Have fun on this rich journey. It might become one of your new passions! 

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Eighty Creative Journal Writing Ideas

1. “A red wheelbarrow is like life.” Write the reasons in a 300 word piece. Be outrageous. 
2. Describe the person from history you’ll invite for dinner tonight and what you want to ask that person. 
3. Include a shovel, a waterfall, a log house, a computer and an old telephone in a short story. Add a character of your choice. 
4. Write an ad for your most valued product. 
5. Describe the three best top things you’d do to help others with $500 000 dollars. 
6. Create a tense but odd story about a panther, a photographer and a big hill. 
7. Close your eyes briefly. Think of an object in the room. Open your eyes and write about the object without looking at it. 
8. Leaf through a photo album. Choose photo number 11. Write about the feeling your have by looking at the photo. 
9. Choose five words from a dictionary. After each words write what you think the word should mean. 
10. Choose a fairy tale and reinvent the ending. Give example here. 

11. Choose a poem you like. Take the last line and make it the first line o your own new poem. 
12. Choose a cliché such as “time flies.” Make it the fires line of your own poem. 
13. We cannot live easily without electricity. Make a list of 10 things you will do when the power is out. 
14. Make a list of 30 things that happened to you this month. All the funny embarrassing, happy, sad powerful, successful things you can think of. Describe how you felt when these things happened. 

Use these creative journal writing ideas for setting a goal

15. Describe what you feel right now by using your sense of smell. 
16. Write a poem about an object that describes you. I once chose a small crystal for this exercise because it has so many facets. 
17. Create three mini stories of 300 words with the following sets of words: Paper, clown, young boy, hat, walking stick; Bowl, water, flower, stone, rice; Tree, river, canoe, an old man, a notebook. 
18. Write about a frightening visit with a former teacher. 
19. Write about a funny or odd thing that happened at work. 

Turn one of these creative journal writing ideas into a self esteem exercise

20. Write about a house you used to live in. Include something that happened in the house. 
21. Describe the place you love to go to find peace. 
22. In 400 words, describe the place you like to go to in your dreams. 
23. Imagine how you’d feel living with hunger in Africa. Describe the colour and smell of this hunger. 
24. Write what you’d say to someone who crashed your party. 
25. Write a letter to yourself when you were 9. Knowing what you know now, give your younger self suggestions as to how to live a successful life. 
26. Write about your first book. 
27. You’ve just met a curious person for the first time. They ask you what your passions and successes have been. Write your answer. 
28. Write about your easiest decision. 
29. Write about your hardest decision. 
30. Write about how you would like to change the world. What three top things would you focus on? 

Transform these creative journal writing ideas into self esteem activities

31. Describe something you’d like to change in your own life. 
32. Write about your top fear. Now answer the question: I’m afraid of this because: … . 
33. Write about the top challenge you faced in the last five years. 
34. Describe your most proud accomplishment. 
35. Describe your most perfect vacation. 
36. Make a list of five things that really annoy you. Choose one and write about it. 
37. Describe an odd costume you once wore. 

Read back over your creative journal writing responses. From your writing, make a list of your personal values

38. Describe a rainy day in your life. 
39. Choose a quotation and write about it. 
40. Imagine the images you’d include on your new creative vision board. Describe them. 
41. Describe where you’d be and what you’d do on your ‘most perfect day.’ 
42. Choose one of the seven deadly sins: anger lust gluttony pride, hatred. Write about one that relates to you or someone you know. 
43. Write about one thing you’d never want to be without. 
44. Write about the oddest thing one of your relatives told you. 
45. Describe a meal you’d serve to someone you don’t like. 

Use these creative journal writing ideas for boosting emotional intelligence

46. Describe what you would make with a 10 inch square of red cloth. 
47. Describe a simple pleasure. 
48. Continue the classic introduction: “Once upon a time … ,” in 300 words. 
49. When you wake up one morning, you see a different face in the mirror. Describe this face. What do you like about it and what not? 
50. You check your telephone messages and the third one strikes terror in your heart. Describe the message. 

Choose a few related creative journal writing ideas. Then select images from magazines to design a word and image collage. 

51. Write about the word “betrayal.” 
52. Include fire, shack, ball, iron rod, blue box in a 300 story. 
53. Flip through a magazine, choose an image and describe it.
54. If you could invent something to improve mankind, what would it be? 
55. What happens when a woman meets a former boyfriend in a toy store. 
56. Include the following sentence in a 300 word story: “I looked at the beach in front of me, stopped, swung around and ran for my life.” 
57. Write about someone you’d like to see in jail. 
58. Describe the most courageous person you’ve encountered or heard about. 
59. Write about the things you wished you knew when you were young. 
60. Make a list of 20 things you’d never do. 

Use these creative journal writing ideas for making a vision board

61. You hear the sound of a train in the distance. How does it make you feel? 
62. Describe what you do when a condo window washer makes eye contact with you. Do you try to engage the person by gesturing? Do you get up and close the drapes? How do you feel about the encounter? 
63. A scientist and an artist end up talking to each other in a coffee shop. Their conversation fascinates both of them. What do they talk about? 
64. Include “back to square one” in a 300 word story. 
65. Write about a favorite childhood toy and what it meant to you then. 
66. Make a list of 10 things you could do with a paper clip. 
67. Weave the following words into a story: rusty bicycle, place under a bridge, some money, a treasure, a boy wearing a blue jacket. 

Turn a few of these creative journal writing ideas into top mind exercises

68. You are a bird perched on a telephone wire. Describe the scene below from your new point of view. 
69. Some is looking through your garbage and analyzing the kind of person you are and the life you lead. Describe you based on his or her analysis. 
70. You are the only flower left in a garden. Describe yourself and how you might feel. 
71. A scientist has just had a eureka moment. What did she discover? 
72. You are given $30 dollars with which to purchase four items for your friends. What do you buy? 
73. Describe your favorite room as a child. 
74. Describe your favorite piece of clothing, present or past. What do you like about it? 
75. Describe what you’d like to wear to work if you could find the courage. 

Post these create journal writing ideas where you can see them every day. 

76. You look out your living room window and on the lawn you see a monster. What is it doing and what does it look like? How is it reacting to the strange world around it? How do you feel when you see it? 
77. Describe the most precious gift you’ve been given. 
78. You are an illustrator. You have been asked to create a book jacket illustration for a biography about a circus clown. Describe your creative piece. What colors have you used? What media – pastel, water media, pencil? What is in the fore, middle and background? 
79. You have eaten some magic candy. What does your life become? What do you see? 
80. Describe a recurring dream or nightmare. What do you make of it? 

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