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                                     Fruit Abstractions

Any kind of creativity such as painting, photography, playing a musical instrument, dancing, and writing builds self esteem and confidence.

One of the reasons is that through creativity we gain self knowledge and reduce self doubt. Art also encourages risk taking and innovation which in turn build inner strength.

I have always been drawn to art. Over the last few years, I learned how to focus on the things that were important to me. In the process, I became more serious about painting, especially in water media.

I've battled with personal demons over my painting. I think this is because in most things creative you expose your inner self and that's difficult.

If there is something you want to do, if you have a dream or passion, now is the best time to begin. Even dedicating a few minutes a day will reduce the challenge. You have nothing to fear and everything to gain!

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Here is the finished painting of the underpainting you see below. It's called The Purple Tree." You can see that the water I planned for the foreground disappeared. But there are still hills in the background.

Above is an underpainting of what became the landscape called "The Purple Tree." The completed painting has about ten subsequent layers of paint. 

Georgian Bay

Many of the colours used in Autumn Hills are used in Georgian Bay. I was aiming to make the rocks look realistic and abstract at the same time. 

Autumn Hills

In Autumn Hills there are a number of paint layers under the one you see. The hills looked distinct until I added the final blending layer. 


I used a photograph in a Frank Gehry architectural book of buildings at the top of a hill as the springboard for Contemplation. Somehow I ended up with the painting above. It an odd mixture of symbolism -- so much so that I'm going to paint another work over it!

 Life Ahead

The sketch for Life Ahead had more detail than the final painting. The result is a stronger piece with more mystery. Less is more as they say.

Dancing Woman

My objective in the acrylic painting above was to connect a number of dissimilar objects though line and linking. You can see how the the leaf emerging from the cylindrical vase at the top of the painting becomes a blanket on the right. 

The small dried fruit slices at bottom right are repeated at top right and left. See if you can see other connecting lines.

Early Morning

For Early Morning, I used an undercoat of moulding paste to create texture.

Through the Grasses

My goal in Through the Grasses was to achieve a sense of depth in the grasses.

                                      Into the Woods

The painting above took a long time to complete. I had trouble with the tree and rocks in the foreground and also in developing depth in the background. I still feel as though I should be working on it. But as an instructor said to me recently with one of my paintings. "Knock it off."  


The buildings in this work are constructed of layers of tissue paper.

In the old vessel above I wanted to play with texture. I like the result!

For some reason I thought of the shape of a wine glass. The shape became a vase and then, of course, I had to put flowers in the vase.

In this water and landscape I used only four colours, blue, red yellow and white. By limiting the colors I could concentrate on the composition and values.

Art work in whatever form it takes is a perfect way to build confidence, reduce stress, develop self knowledge and have fun. Give yourself the gift of art. You'll never have regrets.

More art work to come.

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