Adventure Stories

This blog begins with my trek to Everest Base Camp in the early 2000s. Some of the stories are sequential. Others are not. I’ll try to connect the dots to give each story a context. 

Standing at the Edge of a Cliff 

 The wind blew ferociously at the top of Kala Pattar. The air oxygen level here at 18,500 feet was 50% of the air at sea level and although we looked stable here in front of Mt. Everest, we were getting blown about. My friend, Wendy, and I had been sick the day before with a combination of altitude sickness and dehydration and so actually climbing Kala Pattar mountain to see Everest was a real triumph. 

For photos and adventure stories, have a look at my adventure blog.

Use these adventure stories to seize opportunities as they come into your life.  Be encouraged to make the life changes you dream of. Adventures and risk taking help build your self esteem.  

A few years ago I trekked to Base Camp Everest. Your Everest might not be a mountain. But I'm sure you have things you would love to do, some unfinished business. Search for your passion,  grab onto it and don't be afraid. As they say, fear is the thief of dreams! 

These adventures have frightened, challenged and taught me life lessons. I have not followed the normal path most people take. The routes I've taken to arrive at where I am now are different and unconventional.

And yet, looking back over the years, I realize that despite many missteps, I’ve gained so much confidence and self esteem along the way. I discovered that knowing who we are, knowing our values is crucial to taking risks and gaining confidence. Also developing life balance

Fear of Flying

Not too long ago, my husband, Bob, bought an airplane. I have a fear of flying, especially in small planes. He asked me to fly from Toronto to Vancouver with him. I refused. He persisted. He won. Somewhere over the western Prairies, I really got scared. I was looking down 5000 feet to the ground and had no clue about any instruments in the cockpit and no idea how to land the plane if something happened to my husband, the pilot. 

I decided that if he ever asked my to fly again, I'd learn to land the plane. He did ask me. The second time he wanted to fly to Dawson City in the Yukon, five hours south of the Artic Circle. Yikes.

I started lessons the next day. I said to the instructor. "I just want to learn to land the plane." He said, "Fine." What he didn't say is that before you land the plane you have to do spins and spiral dives (and recover from them), forced landing approaches and a whole lot of other scary stuff. So in the end I became a pilot. Not only did I love flying. But I was so proud of myself for conquering my fear of flying. 

Fear is the Thief of Dreams

 All my life I've wanted to paint. But I was afraid I wouldn't be good enough. That I wouldn't measure up to myself or others. Finally I decided to just get at it and to not let judgment rue its ugly head. I still have fears. But I can push them down now. Here are some of my paintings. 

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This landscape of a barn and grasses was my first attempt at perspective. I like the result. My style is still emerging. 

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This abstract scene is called "Passages." It came together quickly.

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These nighttime  buildings are collaged onto the canvas.

We’re all different and so your adventures and journeys will be different from mine. You might say to yourself while reading my stories, “I would never do that?” or “Was she nuts?” Like everyone else, I had to fight internal battles along the way.

While reading about my adventures, try to answer three questions, “What mountains do I want to climb?”  “What beasts do I need to confront? and “What are my stories?” We all have stories. What are yours? Let someone you trust know the answers. Record them and read them from time to time. Seeing your hopes and dreams in writing helps turn them into reality.  

We are two people. The people we are and the people we want to be. Who do you want to be? 

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