Build Your
Self Esteem Now

How to Get Started.

You can start building self esteem now. To motivate yourself, imagine yourself as strong and confident. Begin to feel comfortable in your own skin by checking out the activities and exercises on this site.

Try boosting your progress by setting two or three goals. Take one step at a time. Keep positive because the process takes time. Know that effort and time is all you need. You will get there by taking action now.

How to Find What You Need.

Find out how to write life affirming journals, how to conquer your fear of public speaking, how to write and deliver inspiring speeches. Make your self esteem journey easy and fun. Have a look at the signs of low self esteem to get started.

Begin with the easy choices first. Build to more challenging goals when you are into a routine of self development. You are guaranteed success if you do something everyday, however small. Keep at it without giving up. Persistence is the key to success.

Take Risks.

You will need to take risks. I've discovered over the years that pushing through your fears is the greatest confidence builder of all. Hands down!

Argue for your limitations and sure enough they're yours.           Richard Bach 

Facing your personal challenges head on is crucial for self confidence building. Imagine yourself in a year or two, surrounded by friends who are positively moving forward in their lives. You can be there. It's absolutely possible. 

I've been taking risks for a long as I can remember. But until now, I haven't understood their powerful benefits.

 To read my personal stories, have a look at "Standing at the Edge of a Cliff" on the blog  Adventure Stories.

How to Conquer the Fear of Failure.

Developing a positive opinion of yourself isn't hard physical work. But the process does take some time and brain work. You probably are comfortable with the way you are now and so change can be a challenge. 

You might be afraid of failure. Maybe you don't know where to start. These feelings are normal. Start anywhere and you'll find your path just as with everything new you learn. 

No one strives for mediocrity. There is no failing. Only results. Be courageous and push yourself to new heights and if you make a poor decision, you will learn from it.

The more results you have, the faster you'll reach your destination. "You are not a skydiver! You will always land safely, no matter how great the risks.

Consider yourself the ultimate stunt person." From the introduction to Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators by Michael Mattesi

Keep Track of Your Progress.

Keep track of the exercises and activities you've tried and also your thoughts and feelings. Start a self esteem journal to record your progress. 

Some exercises are creative and others demand some critical thinking because understanding what is going on in your mind is important for building self confidence.

Think Success!

To be afraid of failure is to fail before you have even started.

Our egos don’t like change. You'll be fighting your very strong ego with the new muscle power you are developing. And oh, just one more thought before you begin navigating. Begin to think of yourself as successful.

After all, who writes the stories we tell about ourselves? That's right, we do. And as the very accomplished authors of those dramas, we are also very competent editors who can change those stories.

Embrace Tranquillity.

Find out how to build self esteem now.
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One of the most wonderful ways to find peace of mind is by taking a walk in nature. Find a quiet path where you can walk, where you can let your thoughts wander, not looking into the past or the future. Just be.

A leafy path with trees would be perfect. Finding tranquillity in nature will help you gain self knowledge. Self knowledge leads to self esteem.

Music and the Arts Build
Self Awareness.

Another way to find peace of mind, self awareness and to build self esteem is by listening to music, by dancing, painting and other forms of self expression.

How is it Certain You Can
Build Self Esteem?

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You can because when you use self esteem activities  and exercises you will move forward. I have used these with my students and clients. They work. I also know because of my own life journey.

Building a positive self concept is absolutely achievable. It will take the courage, motivation and discipline to work through the material I have created for you.  

To learn about how I bring education, skills and my personal journey to support your quest for self esteem, click on About Lynda in the navigation bar. 

I believe that when we develop a habit of personal growth and skill renewal, we open the door for new opportunities. We are ready for new life avenues. As you accomplish more and work to change in your habits of thinking, you will develop higher self esteem. 

On its own, accomplishing things in life doesn’t guarantee self-esteem. There are lots of people walking around with a gazillion degrees and armfuls of talent and yet they don't have self-esteem. 

The opinion we have of ourselves comes from deep within. Inside our heads, we have a voice that tells us our “story.” We imagine who we are. I always say to my clients, “We are directors in our life drama and as directors we assign our own roles and write the script." 

That script, that story is the opinion we have of ourselves. This is where our journey towards self-esteem begins, with that story. 

Lynda Noppe

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